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What happens to freelance artists when the show can't go on? - COVID 19 l Ha-Teya Gripskie

Click the link above to see my discussion with Ha-Teya on all things freelancers during a world crisis. 


BREAKING THE CODE: QUT Gardens Theatre - 2017 - Vision Designer


“The backdrop was also used to great use to, at times, project what was happening on the stage, but from an aerial point of view, or running footage of the era. Towards the end of the play, the backdrop displays the story of Turing’s life in ever growing chapters, similar to that provided by a DVD movie”

- Pauline Smith l Absolute Theatre


“The Vision was absolutely extraordinary”

-- Susan Hetherington l Ride Home Reviews


“Astounding Visual Designs”

- Barry Stone l Theatre Review 


“ Brilliantly executed, technically innovative, and professional … The use of audio-visuals was a smart way of changing timeframes from the future to the past …filming of the stage from above, allowed the audience to see these details which would have otherwise been missed.”

- Dr Gemma Regan l 4ZZZFM

GREEN DAY'S AMERICAN IDIOT THE MUSICAL NATIONAL TOUR l 2017 - 2018 l Head Touring Video Technician 

Overlaying this was the exceptional video design of Craig Wilkinson of  optikal bloc and this time with the inclusion of Dale Norris whom I saw doing some amazing work when he was still a student at QUT. Not a bad gig straight after graduation.

Barry Stone

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